Exquisite Beauty and Great Variety

  The exquisite beauty and great variety of landscapes combined with a wide range of plants and animals species make Uganda one of the scenic wonders of the world.

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     uganda being a landlocked  country,  lies  in between boarders of Kenya, Tanzania,  Congo, South Sudan and Rwanda. The country is crossed by the equator  and gifted with beautiful sceneries and fascinating spectacular vegetation.

     From he you land at Entebbe's modern and efficient international airport, with its breathtaking equatorial location on the forested shores of island - strewn lake Victoria, it's clear that Uganda is no ordinary safari destination.


          Ecologically, Uganda is where the East African Savannah meets the West African  Jungle. Where else but in this impossibly lush country, one can trek  Gorillas, Chimpanzees through the rainforest and Lions, leopardss,hyenas prowling the open plains in the morning and late evenings, tropical  teaming with the hippos and crocodiles  before setting off into the misty mountains to stare deep into the eye of a mountain Gorilla!! Certainly, Uganda is the only safari destination  whose range of forest primates is as impressive as its selection of plains antelopes.And the Verdant biodiversity is further attested  to be  Ugandas  status as by far  the smallest of the FOUR AFRICAN COUNTRIES whose bird checklist tops the 1000 marks.

     Yet there is more of the country than wildlife. All with us at there's almighty River Nile  punctuated by the spectacular Murchison Falls, and the setting for source of the World'smost thrilling  commercial while water rafting .There are snow capped peaks of mt.RWENZORI ,which provides a tantalising challenge to dedicated mountaineers, as well as the Virunga volcanoes  and Mountain Elgin, both of which offer highly scintillating highland scenery. More sedately, the myriad islands of lake Victoria and Bunyonyi are idyllic venues, as are the myriad forests - fringed  crater lakes that stud the rift valley floor and escarpment around Fortportal.

    Whether you're a first time safari goer or a seasonal African traveller ,Uganda-with it's unique  blend of Savannah and forests  creatures, it's rare wealth of Montana  and lake habitats is simply dazzling.

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    A typical wildlife safaris is mostly done in the stunning lushness of Uganda's national parks;  Here in Uganda we have 10 national park ,that's 1-QUEEN ELIZABETH NP2-MURCHISON FALLS NP3-BWINDI IMPENETRABLE NP4-LAKE MBURO NP5-KIDEPO VALLEY NP6-SEMULIKI NP7-RWENZORI MOUNTAINS NP8-MGAHINGA NP9-MOUNT ELGON NP10-KIBALE FOREST NP

combined with spectacular landscapes, provides the setting for some of the Africa's most memorable visitor experiences. Mountain Gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahiga Forest National Park  offers the viewing opportunity in the world for these rare primate, and there are highlights of any trip to Uganda @  Unforgettable encounters with the chimpanzees during walks in the tranquil forests in and around Kibale forest national park, Murchison Falls National park and Queen Elizabeth national park, are the reasons why visitors number rise once and again to Ugandas protected  areas with us

   Kidepo's breathtaking scenery with huge buffalo 🐃  herds and it's beautiful, unique and vargin  angulated hills offers a wonderful experience while the RWENZORI MOUNTAINS with the chain  canopy  of striking glacier offers a mystical challenge littered with majestic creatures, across the entire mountain  spectrum, historical monuments ,cultural /tradional visits  due to a bundant  tribes whose culture and traditions differ. 📧 villagegorillasafaris@gmail.comContact +256775811452               +256793135454